In-Lend Fund is an initiative out of Claremont McKenna College that aims to empower financially excluded and socially impactful entrepreneurs within the Inland Empire by offering small business counseling services and small business microloans.


In-Lend Fund grew out of a desire to connect the Claremont Colleges to the local Inland Empire community and to make sustainable and positive impacts on local businesses. Inspired by the rapid development of Microfinance within developing countries, Nancy Li and Rhea Jean decided to found In-Lend Fund in 2012 to bring the power of microfinance to the Inland Empire.

In-Lend Fund is a major player in the local microlending community, as it is the only microfinance institute offering zero percent interest loans in the Inland Empire, which encompasses over 18 million people. We serve financially excluded entrepreneurs in the local community. According to U.S. Census Bureau, 2009-2013 American Community Survey, our potential clients are more likely to have the following characteristics:

  • Having an household income of below $30,000
  • Single by household type
  • No high school degree
  • Of minority ethnicity (especially foreign-born, non-English speaking non- citizens)

Out of the 59 cities surrounding Claremont, such as Pomona, Ontario, and Riverside, 12 stand out with unbanked and underbanked rates combined of over 40% of the population. These community members are cut-off from mainstream finance institutions such as banks and credit unions. Clearly, there is a significant market of people who rely on alternative forms of banking that In-Lend Fund can offer its services to.

Executive Board

  Isabella Romeo | Chief Executive Officer | CMC ‘18 Katherine Daifotis | Chief Operations Officer | CMC ‘18 Rish Chitre | Chief Financial Officer | CMC ‘18 Ethan Matlin | Counseling Lead Manager | PO ‘18 Margaux Arnston | Client Acquisition Manager | CMC ‘18 Cathy Ye | Due Diligence Lead | CMC ‘18  

Client Acquisition Team

  Margaux Arnston | Client Acquisition Manager | CMC ‘18 Kate Layman | Client Acquisition Specialist | CMC ‘18 Devin Shim | Client Acquisition Specialist | CMC ‘18 Evelyn Mittler | Client Acquisition Specialist | CMC ‘18  

Counseling Team

  Ethan Matlin | Counseling Lead Manager | PO ‘18 Jessica Ng | Client Lead | CMC ‘17 Aarushi Tibrewala | Client Lead | CMC ‘18 Connor Ortman | Client Lead | CMC ‘18 Amy Ingram | Client Lead | CMC ‘17 Zijia He | Client Lead | CMC ‘18 Peter Brody-Moore | Junior Consultant | CMC ‘19 Kate Layman | Junior Consultant | CMC ‘18 Ethan Tom | Junior Consultant | CMC ‘19 Mackenzie Strafford | Junior Consultant | CMC ‘18 Betzy Perez | Junior Consultant | CMC ‘19 Aaron Zheng | Junior Consultant | CMC ‘19  

Due Diligence Team

  Cathy Ye | Due Diligence Lead | CMC ‘18 Jack Tao | Risk Analyst | CMC ‘18 Justin Law | Risk Analyst | CMC ‘19 Blaze Li | Risk Analyst | CMC ‘19  

Web Developer

  Jasen Choi | CMC ‘18