Our clients are such an inspiration to us and below we have shared some of their stories. So far we have served 10 clients within the Inland Empire.


Maria: Pequeno Mejico

Maria is a single mother of three boys who reached out to In-Lend Fund because she was interested in starting her own business of selling Mexican Food within her neighborhood. We provided Maria with an $800 loan to purchase a grill and we are currently working on helping her acquire a vendor license and develop a menu. The grill has provided Maria the opportunity to work on her days off and gain an additional source of income.

“I know that people like my food, but now I would like to start my own, official business. This will impact my life positively because it will increase my income and hopefully increase my family’s standard of living. I hope that this also will positively influence my children’s view of work.”


Erasto: Quickly Boba

Erasto works in Collins, a dining hall on CMC’s campus, and simultaneously owns a boba shop in Los Angeles. His business was suffering and failed to generate profit, as the location was expensive and it was difficult for Erasto to monitor operations because he was living in Claremont. In-Lend Fund created an automated system to track his financial statements so he could better manage his finances and we have assisted him in finding an alternative location closer to campus.

“Without In-Lend Fund my business could not be possible.”


Tatiana: Fashion Designer

Tatiana came to In-Lend Fund because she was looking to expand her fashion business to an international market. Our consulting team helped her participate in LA Fashion show and created a value proposition for her products. We are now working on developing a sales tracking system.

“It has been an amazing experience working with In-Lend Fund, a company consisting of young, energetic, brilliant, ambitious people with innovative ideas.”


Irma: Computer Tablet Vendor

Irma was In-Lend Fund’s first client. She grew up in the south side of Pomona in a family that was heavily involved with gangs. When she met her husband Jerry, she luckily managed to escape that lifestyle as Jerry was hard-working and always put his family first. However, when her husband lost his job, he was unable to provide for their family, causing them to become homeless. Irma decided to start her own business and began selling computer tablets. Irma came to In-Lend Fund because she found that she was unable to scale up her business since she did not have enough money upfront to buy the tablets in bulk. We provided her with a $3,000 loan to help her increase her profit margins.

“I am very happy that I can provide for my husband and children, and also show those back home and in my community that you don’t have to lead a gang lifestyle, that a better life is possible.”